Private parties and function centres will never be as much fun and as much enjoyable as you wanted them to be if your guests only see threats all over the place. That’s why before even sending out your private party invitations, make sure that your party venue has all the necessary countermeasures for any possible threats that may arise before and during your party; threats such as theft, vandalism, robbery, and other unnecessary disturbances.

This article contains some of the most effective security measures that you can use in your private events to keep peace and ensure your party, function or event runs smoothly. Some of these solutions may become ordinance in your city, so be aware and consider implementing them ahead of the law.


  • Hiring Security Guards. 

 This security solution has been used for centuries for it is really effective in deterring threats in the assigned place. If you hire security guards for your party, they will ensure that only invited people will be allowed to enter the party premises. No party crashers, no thieves, or anyone with less than good intention can enter and disturb your party.


  • Hiring Mobile Patrols. 

 This security solution is carried out by patrol officers who are in uniform and drive liveried vehicles who can act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorised people on the party venue, therefore, reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism.


  • Installing CCTV Surveillance System. 

 This security is somewhat complex than the first two solutions, because it requires setting up of camera systems which could take some time due to their complex construction and due many things that need to be put in consideration (camera placement, light condition, wirings, etc.), but it is an effective security solution as it will allow you to monitor the party venue easily.

And if you want other to do the monitoring, you just assign a security guard to do it for you while you are in the party. If anyone tries to break in, that person will be seen in the monitor and prevented before he could commit any disturbances.


  • Installing Alarm Security Systems. 

 This security solution is also complex, but like CCTV surveillance, it is also an effective security solution; when you install and use this security system, you highly reduce your chances of losing property through burglary and reduce any chance of intruders to disturb your party. This usually includes a sign around your building that shows your party is under their surveillance. If anyone breaks into your party, the alarm will sound hence making the intruder to run away.

Each of these security solutions are effective, but to know which one is better suited for the kind of environment to where your party is going to be held, you can ask experts from The National Protective Services. The National Protective services is a security company that offers all kinds of security solutions in Australia including Electronic Security Services and Patrol Security Services.


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