It is every day that businesses are faced with threats such as break-ins, theft, shoplifting, and vandalism with many of them fell victims to these threats easily all because they lacked of security. To avoid your business from falling into the same category, be sure that it has the security it needs- equipped with all the necessary countermeasures for all possible strategies that criminals may use to break into it.

 This article contains some security tips for businesses particularly monitoring tips for businesses against theft. Feel free to read through and decide which one you think would be best for your business.


  1. CCTV Security Monitoring.

 CCTV (Closed circuit television) security monitoring is now widely used by most business owners to secure all their business properties and their lives as well. This security is consists of three basic parts: a CCTV camera, a CCTV camera lens, a CCTV monitors, and (for wired systems) cables that carry the signal from one place to another. The most unique feature of this kind of security is that it’s components (cameras) are specifically made for surveillance purposes, so it is appropriate for monitoring businesses and deter theft.


Here’s How CCTV Security Monitoring Can Help Deter Business Theft. 

 When installed in your business place, everything that is happening in the place can be monitored. Meaning you will see anyone who is present, you will see who comes in, who comes out, what they’re doing, everything. So what happens is that, when anyone from your customers tries to steal anything, it will appear on your monitoring device giving you the chance to call  for your security guard and let him stop that theft because he succeed. This will save your business money and stock.


2.Alarm Monitoring.

 Alarm monitoring is now also widely used both by home and business owners to secure their properties and their lives as well. This security has components like sensors, keypads, a siren, control panel, and connection to the monitoring company. The sensors will be installed at the entry points of your business place, like doors and windows, for the alarm to ring if any entry point is breached. This is perfect security solution for businesses that have no security guards or mobile patrols at night or on holidays.


Here’s How Alarm Monitoring Can Help Deter Business Theft. 

 When installed in your business place, the alarm sound will take off as soon as any of the sensors (glass break sensors and temperature sensors) sense movements or sense of change of temperature in the place. The alarm is likely to scare off anybody who enters stopping them before they could even take your business properties.

Also, the alarm will notify the monitoring company as soon as it is activated and the company will send a response team so if the thieves aren’t scared off by the siren and continue their attempt of robbing your place, they’re likely to be caught!

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