A Mobile Patrol Service is a vehicle-based security service where patrol officers are assigned to take random drive-by or sporadic security checks of a business/property that a client want to be patrolled and checked as means of protecting that business/property against crimes. In this article, we will share with you the benefits of this kind of security measure so you’ll be able to determine whether you need to get one for your business/property or not.

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Service

There are many benefits one could get for having a mobile patrol service for a business/property. The greatest of these benefits is crime deterrence. With a mobile patrol service assigned to a business or any property, the occurrence of crimes can be prevented because:

– the patrol officers sent to provide a  mobile patrol service are professional and trained to detect anyone or anything that could be a threat to the property and to the welfare of the people in that property.

–  the patrol officers sent to provide the service are uniformed officers which serve as a visual deterrent. Anyone who has plans of breaking into the business/property will surely be intimidated because it increases their chance of getting caught.

– the patrol officers will respond to theft, vandalism, break-ins, disturbances, and other crimes against the business/property.

– the patrol officers will perform nightly checks to ensure that your facility is empty, the alarms are set, and all doors are closed and secured.

– the patrol officers, if requested, could open the facility that they’ve closed up the night before just to make sure that nothing has changed since closing and between visits.

-the patrol officers are trained to handle encounters with criminals so when there are suspicious persons present on the business/property and there’s a chance of criminal activity could occur, they will challenge those suspicious persons and document those encounters for authorities use and report to the client.

Apart from crime deterrence, a mobile patrol service can help save company money. How? Well, it’s because with this service, you can avoid the average $50 charge by the police department for false alarm responses, because while there are many possible reasons why the alarm could take off in the business/property, many alarms are minor and routine. So rather than having the police in the middle of the night, the patrol officers can respond.

Generally, patrol officers who conduct mobile patrol services use professionally marked vehicles when they’re patrolling and they are trained to provide patrolling and security for any kind of commercial facility, especially those highly critical facilities including banks, government buildings, and locations with highly valuable items stored in.

Patrol Security Services is a security guard company that has been offering mobile patrol service to many Brisbane residential and commercial facilities and  currently offers a first 3 months free for every new client. If you think this is something you could be interested in, or if you want to learn more about this mobile patrol service and what the patrol officers can do for your business/property, check out Patrol Security Services at http://www.patrolsecurityservices.com.au/.



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