More and more businesses today are using alarm systems to prevent crimes from happening in their place. Some using monitored alarm systems. Some using activated systems (non-monitored). If you are wondering what’s the big difference between the two and which one will be best for your business, then you’ve come into the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the two types of alarm systems for business.

Monitored Alarm System. This type of alarm system is called monitored because it is linked to a security monitoring company. The best feature of this system is its connection to the security monitoring company who does the monitoring and who will send immediate help in case of an attack.


Benefits of a Monitored Alarm System  

  • 24/7 monitoring of the place. Since this alarm system is monitored by a monitoring system, it means that you got people who will monitor your place while you are on other things.
  • Peace of mind. Knowing that your place is being monitored even when you are not monitoring it yourself gives you flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Immediate response. Since your place is monitored 24/7, any attack will be given immediate attention; your security company will send immediate help within minutes that your alarm is triggered. With this, you do not have to rely on your neighbours to report any break in.
  • Fire protection. The smoke detector that is wired into your alarm system will trigger the alarm once smoke is detected meaning help will be summoned whether you are home or not.
  • Deter thieves. Research has shown that businesses showing indications that they’re under monitoring agreement are less likely to get broken into.


The Drawback 

 The only drawback of a monitored system is that it costs more than the non-monitored type, but often times, the insurance savings that you get for having monitored system in the place, covers the annual alarm monitoring costs.

Non-Monitored Alarm System. This type is one that can be activated and de-activated (armed and unarmed) by the user as it is not linked to a security monitoring company.  Since it is not linked to a security company, its offered advantages to the business is only limited.


 Benefits of a Non-monitored Alarm System  

  • 24/7 monitoring of the place. This benefit can only be achieved if the user keep his monitoring system running non-stop and do the monitoring non-stop which is somewhat impossible if the user is the only monitor operator.
  • Deter Thieves. The system if showing some indications that the place is under a monitoring agreement can intimidate thieves; thieves are likely to back out and just find other place to victimise.
  • No monitoring fees. A major advantage to this system is you will not have to pay monitoring fees.

The Drawback 

The greatest drawback of this type of alarm is that it relies on your neighboring places to call the police if you are not present. If your neighbours do not call for help and just ignore the alarm thinking it just another false alarm, your business could be in a serious situation.

Having all those information about the two alarms, I guess it is safe to say that monitored alarm system is the best option.  If you want to learn more about the system, feel free to ask Electronic Security Services.



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