Where there is a car yard, you can expect vandals o be around. This is why hiring National Protective Services mobile patrol guards is something that you, a car yard owner, should really consider.

I want to tell you why hiring car yard mobile patrol guards is an advantages, providing security to your valuable cars.

Car Yard Mobile Patrol Guards are different from the usual on-site guards because they visit on a schedule, either fixed or random as required. Our Mobile patrol guards perform the patrols for a number of businesses in an area so they are an affordable option as they are not always there.

How this kind of security service works is really simple. The mobile patrol guards assigned will monitor and patrol the yard. Usually, these patrol guards are uniformed- smart and intimidating looking so thieves will think twice from pursuing their bad plan and just leave and find a more vulnerable place to victimise.

Advantages of Having Car yard Mobile Patrol Guards

  • ┬áThese guards will go in and around the premises looking and searching for any suspicious activity or suspicious people. They are not stationary or positioned in just one location in the yard so locating any possible disturbances (when there is any) is higher.
  • ┬áThese guards can make sure your cars are all locked at the end of the day.

Other Advantages of Car Yard Mobile Patrol Guards

Aside from having people to provide monitoring and patrolling services, hiring car yard mobile patrol guards also means having people to answer alarms and investigate any disturbances. All are effective means of securing your cars and other valuable assets in the yard.

Now that you know what car yard mobile patrol are and the advantages they can give you in terms of securing your valuable cars, feel free to check out Patrol Security Services Patrolsecurityservices.com.au. Patrol Security Services is a security company that offers a wide range of security services including on-site and mobile patrol guards to service highly critical or complex facilities or sites requiring the highest degree of monitoring and patrol.


Patrol Security Services currently offers a free first 3 months out of a minimum 12 month contract*. This means to say that you get a full first 3 months of security services for FREE once you avail of their security services. If you are interested, you can call them at this customer hotline: 1300 659 800.

*Limited offer may be withdrawn at any time with out notice


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