Mobile Security Patrol Guards – Random Security Patrols

Mobile Patrol Services are security services designed to provide a high security profile through the use of professionally marked and equipped vehicles. A mobile patrol service by National protective Services in Melbourne starts by having its mobile patrol officers visit and check the location that the individual client wants to be patrolled.

How A Mobile Patrol Service Works?

The mobile patrol officers will visit and check the location and the number of times that they will visit the location will depend on the request of the client and the time of each visit is random to make the visits less predictable for anyone who plans of breaking, but the main purpose of these patrol services is the same- to provide additional visibility and deterrence.


  • Provide Visibility.

The patrol vehicles are operated by uniformed, licensed patrol officers who were trained to protect people and property.  Since they are in vehicles and they are uniformed, they are easily recognisable and so serve as visual security to a location. Thieves or potential criminals will surely be intimated by the visual security and unlike CCTV systems and alarm systems which are not visual and aren’t actually living things, a mobile patrol service response faster.

  • Provide Deterrence.

The job of patrol officers usually includes the observation of client location, site inspections. They are trained to detect and deter anything  that could possess and cause harm to the client’s location and other surrounding premises.


Mobile Patrol services.

This are what you can expect to get when you have mobile patrol service from National Protective Services:

  • Professionally marked and equipped vehicles for patrolling.
  • Patrol officers trained to protect property and people.
  • 24 hour security patrol or 12 hour, your choice.
  • Permanent or temporary patrol services.
  • Residential or commercial.
  • Your site gets random visits to make it unpredictable for criminals when the next visit will be as to intimidate and deter them from committing crime. You get to pick the hours of visits.
  • Emergency response units. When your property is under attack, there will be an immediate response.
  • Patrol officers assist the Police when anyone found potential or actual committing criminal acts on or in relation to client properties and turn offenders over to the Police.
  • Patrol services specialising in deterrence and response to break-ins, disturbances, vandalism, them, and other property and life-threatening situations.
  • Annual or monthly contracts, permanent or temporary, your choice.
  • Mobile Patrol Services are especially suited for monitoring construction sites and similar locations. If you can have one patrol your residence or commercial place, it will be an excellent security. But you should know that the initiative and the capability of executing actions are vital to this sort of security measures that’s why it is very important that you choose the best security guard in your area.

National Protective Services, is a Patrol Security Services company that you can rely on. This company has everything that a best security company can offer. Including the ones listed above.


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