It is a must for every business facility to have 24 hour security services to get the highest protection possible for the business against dangers such as break-ins, theft, vandalism, and other property and life-endangering situations. In this article, we will tell you about the best two 24 hour security services that you can choose from and help you make an informed decision of which the two 24 hour security services would be best for your business facility.


1. 24 Hour CCTV Security Service.


A 24 hour CCTV Security service is video surveillance and monitoring service. This form of security service is one of the best deterrents to theft and general business risks. It is technological and works by providing the business owner a real time monitoring of all the activities in the facility and record all those activities for later viewing which can be really useful at times when events that took place at certain hours of the day are requested for business inspection or criminal investigation.


Typically, a CCTV Security Service is installed with three key components; a camera, a Digital video Recording or DVR and a monitor.


The camera is installed at the location that the business owner required to be monitored and there are different types of camera available for the monitoring system. Some are for day or night monitoring covering small areas and some are for 24 hour outdoor monitoring covering large areas  such as car parks.


The cameras for CCTV have different image quality which by the way you should consider when buying a camera for a CCTV system because the higher the image quality of the camera, the better the video monitoring will be. The Standard CCTV cameras have a TVL resolution of around 420. High resolution CCTV cameras deliver images closer to 600-700 TVL.


The Digital Video Recorder is the main component of every CCTV system. It receives the video signals that the camera acquires and converts those signals to digital signals that can be viewed and recorded for later purposes.


The monitor is where the signals will be viewed from. It’s used much like a TV, but have higher lines of resolution for improved picture quality.


Why 24 Hour CCTV?


Having a 24 hour CCTV security service in the business allows the business owner to monitor his business constantly- even when he’s not around, which is a great advantage because when there’s a suspicious activity in the premises, it can be prevented.


 2. 24 Hour Security Guards Service.


A 24 hour security guard service is a traditional form of security service, but is still the most popular and widely preferred by business facility owners because the security guards assigned to do the service serve as visual deterrents to criminals. Thieves or any criminal will think twice about targeting a business facility that has visual and uniformed protection.


Generally, security guards are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot. They can assess a situation and react to security breaches.Unlike CCTV security, this form of security service is reactive, means that immediate solution can be given during attacks or during any emergency situations.




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